The Best Cold Brew Recipe

Coarse grind coffee
Water – Filtered water is better than tap.


Step 1: Fill the French Press 1/3 of the way with ground coffee.

Step 2: Fill the rest of the container with filtered water, leave about 2”
clear at the top.

Step 3: Mix the contents with a spoon to make sure the grinds are all

Step 4: Put the top on and let the coffee sit at room temperature for
12 hours. Do not press the plunger down yet!

Step 5: Coffee is ready! Press the filter down to separate the water
from the grinds.

Serving Instructions: You should have a very strong cold brew
concentrate. Mix the concentrate with water or milk and ice to get
your desired taste. The less water/milk, the stronger the coffee will

For Smaller Servings: Use a ratio of 1 to 2. For example: 1 cup of
coffee and 2 cups of water.

**If you’re making several days worth, transfer the cold brew into a
different container for storage. If you leave the coffee in with the
grinds, the cold brew will keep brewing and will become to bitter.

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